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About GolfTraveller

I am Brendan Mills, the owner and manager of GolfTraveller, a tour operator based in
Johannesburg that specializes in Golf Tours all over South Africa. My passion for both people
and golf has allowed me to build long-term relationships based on trust and common goals
within the industry. One of my key strengths is the ability to be creative and flexible in
developing strategies that meet the unique needs of our clients while maintaining consistency.

With my background in marketing and sales and having worked for major corporations such as
Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) and Silo, which is part of the Tiso Blackstar Group, I
understand market verticals and what is necessary to expand GolfTraveller’s client base.
As a seasoned account manager, I excel at building rapport and maintaining relationships with
key decision-makers. I have consistently achieved and surpassed targets throughout my career,
and my natural leadership skills are embodied by my ability to engage in conversations and
share knowledge.

My father played a significant role in introducing me to the game of golf when I was in my
mid-teens, and I was immediately hooked. This sport became one of the many joys that I shared
with my father, and we often played together. The first club that I learned to master was the
trusty five iron, and my favorite format is match play. I have developed a deep passion for the
game, and I always feel excited while visualizing hitting that little white ball the day before a

Golf is an ever-evolving game and a thrilling adventure sport that combines outdoor experiences
with luxurious resort stays and fun times. There are numerous EPIC golf courses around the
world, and I’m fortunate that South Africa has some of the best ones. So, let the golfing begin!
At GolfTraveller, the mission is to provide unforgettable tours for golf and nature enthusiasts. We
are passionate about offering experiences that our clients will never forget.

Golf Traveller
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